Light Levels Training and Tactics

ATAC Training courses are not open to the public, invitation or vetted referral only.  All ATAC courses are restricted and designed for ATAC contractors only.

Mandatory Prerequisites, Requirements and Proficiency Skills test prior to all courses.

  • Must have pistol specific qualification prior to registering.

Light Levels Training and Tactics.  Course offerings in a prioritized/progressive order below:

  • Understanding levels of light applied with hand held and weapon mounted.

Bright Light:  This is direct sunlight or artificial light.  It is also outside in the midday or in the office or a house with lights on.

Low Light:  In an outdoor environment, this is when the sun is down or the sun is up.  In an interior environment, this is when the light is dim or when minimal lighting is present.

Ambient Light:  Ambient light refers to any outside light such as sunlight coming through windows or an overhead room light.  Ambient light, in most cases, does not provide adequate light. It’s commonly inconsistent and you must take advantage of its illumination. Low or ambient light will provide silhouettes or “shapes” of people or objects.  This would include the moon, poor lighting conditions, light from down the hallway or an open door with light shining through.

No Light: In an interior environment, this is when the lights are out.  In an exterior environment, this would be after the sun sets or on an overcast night.  This also includes closed interior spaces with all the lights off.  Usually this will not be outside but inside like a warehouse.  You will not be able to identify threats without illuminating in no light conditions.

  • Alignment of Light, Weapon and Target w/confirmation of point of impact.
  • Illuminating reflective materials.
  • Self or teammate illumination principles.
  • Movement with light on and off w/confirmation of point of impact.
  • Training scenarios with light levels tactics employed throughout w/confirmation of point of impact.
  • Team Tactics, cover fire, buddy drag, care under fire w/confirmation of point of impact.