Range – Field Training

ATAC Training

ATAC Training courses are not open to the public, invitation or vetted referral only. Training is limited to allies of the USA.  We run a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 3 clients to guarantee optimal results in the firing exercises and tactics.

Special Note: All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC contractors only.

Please be patient with us for our reply. The majority of the head instructors remain current in the trade and are in and out of country often.

ATAC Range and Field Training Courses Links: 

Firearms Training

Rope & Rappelling Training

Land Navigation Training & Scenarios

Land Warfare Training

SCUBA Dive Training

Survival Training

Advanced Training Programs

Maritime Security-PMSC Training

The ATAC Training course go with ATAC e-Learning as a pre-requisite, learn more here: ATAC e-Learning