Land Navigation Training

Learn how to effectively utilize the tools of land navigation. Note the best items to purchase, and how to use these basic tools to their maximum potential. Basic on-site instruction will get you on the path to using a map and compass together as a team, while avoiding common pitfalls. Training offered has been compressed into two consecutive days. Classroom instruction is offered, but the intent is to maximize time in the field. All ‘testing’ is practical application, mostly in mentored exercise scenarios. Classroom instruction need not be mastered in classroom – it will be worked out and assimilated in field. Special Note: Note: All courses are restricted.  ATAC Training courses are not open to the public, invitation or vetted referral only.


  • 2 Day Basic Land Navigation
  • 4 Day Advanced Land Navigation & Scenario


  • Proficiency in Map Reading and Land Navigation to meet climate and terrain of desert or jungle.


  • Day 1:  Classroom for meet and greet and Basic Instruction.
  • Day 2:  Classroom for Advanced Instruction. Drive to training area for lane instruction. Regroup. Conduct final exercise. Debrief.

Start now with the prerequesite basic series of videos on ATAC, which will teach you how to determine an azimuth and move in a calculated manner to your objective, mirror sighting compass use, history and much more. Land Navigation Instructor – Dan J. is a former Navy SEAL with over 10 years of experience between 3 different SEAL teams, during which time he was utilized as a scout and point man. He also taught land as well as sea navigation during various foreign exchange training programs. Having spent years on an isolated defense support contract working with tribal elements, Dan gained experience in situational awareness and geo location in which he was completely self-reliant. Dan has a Bachelor’s Degree from George Mason University and he spent a semester at Oxford as an Honor student, studying Political Geography and History.

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