Kidnap-Hostage Survival Course


This comprehensive government and corporate training program is designed to teach key personnel the principles, protocol and methods of kidnap prevention and survival.

At the conclusion of the program, the student will be able to understand those actions necessary to identify potential threats, what to do domestically and abroad and how to combat the potential dangers that we are confronted with in medium to high risk occupations and jobs.

It explains personal, vehicle and travel vulnerabilities and how to overcome them, route analysis, surveillance detection routes, countering surprise in kidnapping and assassination attempts as well as the principles of awareness, communication, evasion and emergency offensive and defensive tactics.

During the last few years, the world has become an ever-increasing dangerous place to live and work. With new threats of terrorism, both domestically and globally, and with the rise in kidnappings, extortion, murder and assault, we must be better prepared than ever  to ensure survivability.

People who travel and or live a lifestyle that places them in high-risk environments and situations are termed high profile. These people and/or families are a prime target for would be criminals and terrorists.

Our anti-kidnap & survival training programs provide relevant, results-oriented objectives to facilitate active, responsive and complete learning. It enables one to achieve the competency, which is paramount to helping one survive, evade, resist and escape potentially dangerous situations.

This program is presented in a professional and very practical manner, incorporating a realistic, interactive dynamic learning method in which the participant will gain awareness skills and strategic thinking for personal security.

In addition, this concentrated design ensures a well-rounded learning experience, allowing participants to augment their defensive knowledge, decision-making and communication skills as well as effectively manage crisis situations.