How Does ATAC e-Learning Work

ATAC University

Start Learning immediately, once you have been invited for admittance into the ATAC University e-Learning Programs.

How does ATAC e-Learning work: Successfully utilized by the military and the medical industry for many years, ATAC E-Learning now brings a new level of online education to you for greater convenience and easy access learning. ATAC E-Learning will enable you to enhance your skills at your own pace.

Special Note: All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC contractors only.

  1. Click on your required e-course from the menu below and start.
  2. Click on the image to enlarge for a better view.
  3. Questions are based off the onsite and E-Courses.
  4. Take test, your results will be received instantly and permit you to advance to next course.
  5. You qualification will be based off your onsite skills test and your ATAC CTE Credits combined.
  6. Your certification will be e-mailed to you so that you may provide it to your unit, agency or department.

Two Factor Authentication
Mandatory secondary authentication for all contractor students to increase security. Once the 2 factor app is installed and activated on a phone, users can authenticate with just one tap of a button or via SMS or phone call. Our 2 factor security implementation will not slow students down and doesn’t require any extra hardware tokens – only the users own personal phone.

100% Uptime – Guaranteed 100 percent uptime in the most technologically advanced and highest-rated mission critical data center in the world. This ecosystem provides guaranteed uptime and securely house the compute, storage, infrastructure environment and enterprise connectivity for leading global companies.

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