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ATAC University

Welcome you to the ATAC University FAQs. We want you to have the simplest, most efficient Continuing Tactical Education (CTE) experience possible so we want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Read on for details about the ATAC E-Learning University. ATAC E-Learning offers convenience and easy access learning with greater memory retention for continuing education. ATAC E-Learning will enable you to enhance your skills at your own pace.

ATAC University E-Learning, what is it?  ATAC University is the industry’s most comprehensive e-learning or learning management system (LMS). Enabling our Maritime Security Contractors (PMSC), Land Warfare and UAV-Drone Pilots to easily take their Continuing Tactical Education Credits (CTE Credits). ATAC University ensures compliance, accelerates employee and business performance, and stimulates collaboration.

When did ATAC University start?  ATAC University e-Learning is a pioneer in the E-learning field of online education.  We started our verticals in online education years ago ahead of the competition back in 2006. Our interactive learning methodology combined with leadership and realistic practical course material provides for the most current comprehensive and rapid method of education.

All of the proprietary learning and instruction is derived from a combination of ATAC’s Advanced Tactics and Countermeasures subdivisions and affiliates.  The main objective: to provide continuing education for our contractors and guarantee compliance in the most current methods available.

How do I enroll?  ATAC University is not open to the public. All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC contractors only.

How is the staff chosen for ATAC University E-Learning courses?  ATAC E-Learning staff members go through an intensive background check and validation of their history, experience and capabilities. ATAC E-Learning is continuously expanding its professional staff within our present arenas and at a pace we can ensure education, retention and subject expertise to our clients and students.

The Firearms and Tactical instructors have been selected from an extremely high caliber of expertise, professionalism and real world experience. They stem from domestic and international backgrounds, branching off from every department of the United States Armed Forces and different generations of each bring a wealth of knowledge to the end user.

Can e-learning help?  First, let’s face the facts that online learning is the future. Already being used successfully by the military and the medical industry for many years, ATAC University E-Learning offers convenience. E-learning will enable you to enhance your skills at your own pace.  You are not dependent on work schedules nor will you be forced to “forfeit or miss” the mandatory training that may be required by your employer due to an overloaded schedule. Company, agency, unit and personal travel fees are greatly reduced. We offer the ability to educate multiple people in a variety of pertinent subject matters simultaneously. Learn at your own pace. Take a break when you are tired or when your memory retention is not at a peak and come back to it when you are refreshed or able.

ATAC University E-Learning incorporates the three predominant learning styles in each online module to bring you a program that appeals to all the senses while allowing you to retain a maximum level of education. 
Combining all three learning styles simultaneously, clients and students are engaged through a unique and professional educational methodology via: Articles, text, slide shows, photos, images, video and scenarios.

  1. Visual
  3. Kinesthetic

Does E-Learning apply to Firearm training?  Yes, ATAC University E-Learning emphasizes on the basics fundamentals and builds from that foundation. After the attacks on U.S.S. Cole at Aden, Yemen on October 12, 2000 and the 911 terrorist attacks against the United States, there were actual directives set in motion, which forced the military and many others to take a stronger stance on protection and force. A new doctrine of anti-terrorism was devised and combined with greater levels of military might that was not previously in place.

As the department of the US Navy considered these new threats and how to effectively deal with them,  they felt that a change was definitely necessary. Sailors were having higher numbers of monthly injuries and negligent discharges, which was evident in the numbers; they doubled from 2001 to 2002. The sailors were well-trained in certain areas but lacked the necessary experience needed to carry, deploy and use their small arms. With the introduction of specific e-learning courses, the sailors were able to drop the “mishaps” by 50% in 2004 with a further 50% drop in 2005. The Chief of Naval Operations made specific e-learning courses and programs mandatory as a core-requisites in all divisions prior to any range qualifications. 
Source: Alpha Solutions

ATAC University works with many small units, teams, military, private contractors and law enforcement agencies in rapid deployment and it is a mandatory core-requisite of our curriculum to take all the online learning modules prior to any live fire or tactical training.


Reducing and preventing:

  • Negligent discharges and Gun Mishaps
  • Continuing education for corporate insurance reduced rates. Please consult your insurance provider.

Excelling in:

  • Memory retention
  • Weapon fundamentals
  • Quality training time
  • Multiple weapon systems
  • Ability to rapidly progress to advanced applications and systems
  • Continuing education and reference material
  • Individual attention to problem areas
  • Better and more complete overall end result in abilities

Why choose ATAC University E-Learning?  ATAC’s leadership staff has been individually selected for their respected talents and experiences.  At ATAC E-Learning we have developed a foundation for the HUB of critical, tactical, emergency and preparedness online learning.

Will there be more courses in the future?  Yes, ATAC E-Learning is in the process of launching numerous additional courses to better educate you.  Please fill out a mailing list so that we may keep you updated on the most current course offerings and events.

Do ATAC University E-Learning courses have exams?  Yes, we do not take education and simply pass it on with out verifying that you have comprehended the material. There is a skills test on each and every module that must be completed.

Can I purchase study material prior to taking a course?  Yes, The ATAC Store can provide you with an ever-growing library of field guides that have identical or similar information as the course modules.

Do I need a new computer or special software to take a course?  No, PC (Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 98) or Mac (OS X or later) with speakers. 
Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, Safari 1.2 or higher, Firefox 1.0, and Netscape 7.2. 
Connection: 56K modem minimum, broadband preferred (cable modem, DSL, or LAN). 
Settings: Browser must have cookies and JavaScript enabled; machine must have audio enabled.

Can I take courses on mobile devices:  ATAC University is a mobile responsive web site permitting you to watch on your computer, tablet or phone while automatically detecting what type of cell phone or tablet you are using to ensure compatibility. Automatically adjusting to fit your screen, you may take your course on your mobile browser and device of your choice.

ATAC University E-Learning Course Content FAQs

  • Choose from a large library of courses. Receive credits for mandated continuing education courses when applicable.
  • Instant delivery of course material and online testing
  • Study at your own pace and environment
  • Instant enrollment and once vetting is complete you will be able to start learning in minutes
  • Affordable in time and finances
  • Take a single course or choose an annual subscription and save
  • Enroll an entire agency and budget your time more efficiently and have your administration monitor users
  • Access grades and monitor continuing education, weekly, monthly or on a annual basis
  • Skills test are provided with each selected course
  • Courses available 24 x 7 x 365
  • May go back and review information
  • Record keeping for grades, length of time for each course and who took the course material.

Should I register with ATAC University E-Learning?  ATAC University is not open to the public. All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC contractors only. Before taking any classes or from ATAC University E-Learning, you need to be approved to register.

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