ATAC Continuing Education

ATAC University

Why consider ATAC continuing education?

Whether you’re a current security contractor or you want to develop the skills and knowledge that can prepare you to be more successful in your career, ATAC Continuing Education can help. We offer a range of annual qualifications, professional development and test-preparation courses, as well as mandated programs.

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Choose courses from:

  • Individual courses that cover everything from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot courses, to land navigation, rappelling, firearms and maintenance. These courses are credit bearing and typically come from our semi and annual qualification for private maritime security armed guards.
  • General elective courses that may help you in advancing and staying current.
  • Courses for educators that can help you meet potential endorsement, recertification or professional development requirements.
  • Test preparation courses that ready you for industry-recognized exams such as PMSC, CSO and VSO.
  • Certificate programs that provide a deeper exploration into areas such as advanced sniping, elicitation and counter-elicitation.
  • Non-credit professional development courses that can help you become a better contractor and give you an extra edge.
  • You’ll quickly build the skills and knowledge you need to take on new challenges, while being part of a learning environment designed to support your professional and educational growth.
  • Select the ATAC University online courses for convenient learning to fit your schedule, or choose to take courses onsite when available.