ATAC Certification Programs

ATAC University

Stay competitive and prove that you’re serious about your current skills before those semi or annual qualifications arrive. ATAC University certificate programs can help you seek greater opportunities and recognition, or simply enable you to keep up with changes in policy in the private maritime security field. Many of our programs are specifically aligned with industry-recognized standards and continuing education requirements, including our ATAC Certification Programs with your annual qualifications for Private Maritime Security Contractors, Firearms, Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles and many more courses.

Explore ATAC Certification Programs in high-demand skill sets, including:

  • Drone-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Pilot Courses
  • Private Maritime Security (PMSC)
  • Firearms Courses
  • Pistol Courses
  • AR-15 Courses
  • AK-47 Courses
  • Sniper Courses
  • Rope & Rappelling Courses
  • Land Navigation Courses
  • Land Warfare Course
  • Driving: Off and Road Courses
  • SCUBA Dive Courses
  • Survival Courses, Desert, Jungle, Urban, Winter
  • Advanced Training Programs

Looking for a refresher program?
The ATAC University also offers certificate programs, as well as individual, test-preparation and non-credit professional development and refresher courses. Haven’t been training lately? The ATAC Review program is just the refresher you need to bring current your knowledge and skills. A good way to prepare for your next ATAC course or annual qualifications needed for employment.

Any military, contractor, law enforcement, or first responder who needs a refresher, pre-assessment for a continuing tactical education (CTE) course should attend the refresher program. ATAC refreshing courses are recommended to any and all operators who are seeking the next level of ATAC training certification.

What is covered on the refresher courses?

You’ll go over safety concepts, basic fundamentals and problem management of known areas.
The ATAC University web-based system allows you to review specific platforms through a friendly, interactive program that refreshes and tests your knowledge through short quizzes.

You can also choose to work through the ATAC Field Guides – a workbook that refreshes each platform.

What gear will you use?

You’ll use all your own basic gear, including weapons, ear protection, ear protection, range bag etc.