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About ATAC University: ATAC’s E-Learning courses address the ever-growing need for Education and Training. ATAC Continuing Tactical Education (CTE Credits) are for our Clients, Contractors, Military Special Operations, Law Enforcement and UAV-Drone Pilots.

ATAC University ensures compliance, accelerates employee and business performance, and stimulates collaboration. The industry’s most comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). Enabling our contractors or your operators to easily take their Continuing Tactical Education (CTE Credits).

Courses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. We offer a range professional development and onsite test-preparation courses, as well as certificate programs.

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In many fields such as Firearms, Rappelling, Survival, Land Navigation, Diving, Private Maritime Contractors and UAV-Drone Piloting, passing an annual qualification test can help set you apart from the competition. In other professions, such law enforcement or first responders the successful completion of general-knowledge and/or content-specific tests is a criterion for maintaining a job.

Our test-preparation courses, like our individual courses and certificate programs, can give you a competitive edge in your field of interest. As with all of our continuing onsite training offerings, these courses feature a 3:1 instructor teacher ratio, getting the personalized attention you need. Innovative online resources are offered to help you strengthen your skill set to pass. Choose a single course or take the combined courses such as primary and secondary firearms, to brush up on key topics and gain the confidence you need for qualification day.

We started our verticals in online education years ago ahead of the competition, being a pioneer in the e-learning for Continuing Tactical Education (CTE).  Whether you’re a lifelong learner or you want to develop your skills and knowledge ATAC University can prepare you so that you may advance in your career.

The e-learning courses are available for:

  • ATAC Clients
  • ATAC Contractors
  • Military Special Operations


  • Continuing Tactical Education (CTE Credits) for our Clients, Contractors and Military Special Operations allows a more efficient method to train for the mandatory annual qualifications. Certificates are issued on the pass/fail standards.
  • Custom lesson plans and modules are offered in an online course format with test scoring.
  • Qualification and Certification Test Preparation
  • Learn anywhere:  Access and complete real-time training, on mobile devices. Courses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
  • Ensure compliance:  Monitor, manages, and report government, insurance and industry-required training so that goals are met. Effective exams with objective-based questions that compliment the ATAC onsite training.
  • Leverage content standards:  The ATAC University LMS supports and surpasses industry content standards, for the active military, private maritime security contractors (PMSC), land warfare, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned surface vehicles (USV).
  • Memory Retention:  ATAC E-Learning teaches three predominant learning styles; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic to bring you course’s that challenge all the senses while allowing you maximum memory retention.  Video, static photos, illustrations and graphs all assist in memory retention.
  • Course Material:  ATAC Field guides for additional quick reference are available at the ATAC Store. Both in E-Book and physical forms.
  • ATAC instructors gain insight with analytics:  With comprehensive metrics, the instructors can make better decisions as they measure the effectiveness and current level of your training.
  • Certification and Onsite:  We offer a range professional development and onsite test-preparation courses, as well as certificate programs.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge. As with most tactical skills they are perishable. Explore individual courses and certificate programs that help you develop skills to enhance your career.

Anyone can learn or improve upon their knowledge base if they follow a proven system and learn from an experienced leadership staff. ATAC E-Learning teaches three predominant learning styles to bring you courses that challenge all the senses while offering you maximum memory retention.

  1. Visual
  3. Kinesthetic

Special Note:  ATAC Training courses are not open to the public, invitation or vetted referral only. All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC Staff and Clients. 

To reset your password please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions: HERE

All e-learning and onsite courses are restricted and not open to the public.